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Maybelline SuperStay Ink Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

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I usually have a product review up on my Channel and YouTube for every month. This January in 2018 is no different and I am going to be reviewing the Maybelline New York SuperStay Ink Matte Liquid Lipstick.

I have a review video up on my Channel, click here to watch it now

Today's blog post is going to be about my take on the product and I hope this review will be made useful to help you decide if you have thoughts about grabbing this product for yourself. The Maybelline SuperStay Ink Matte Liquid Lipstick retails for SGD 17.90, and when I picked up my shade in Believer, there was a 20% discount was valid and I paid SGD 14.30. The shade Believer is a deep purple shade with a heavy berry undertone.

The SuperStay Ink Matte Collection has a line up of ten unique shades. Ranging from the nude-y pale to the deepest burgundy to satisfy your shade hunger. Yet when I glanced upon the selection, i can't help but notice the distinct similarity from Maybelline's past launch of their Color Jolt Lippie Paints. The shades seemed rather too familiar to me, just my personal opinion.

Packaging, First Impressions and Wear Test

I liked the sturdy angular packaging that would stay put on the vanity while I do my makeup. I don't have to worry about it rolling off the table. The packaging contains 5ml of it's lip color with a twist up white cap with a tear drop applicator wand while the second half of the packaging corresponds to the lip shade.

The tear drop applicator tip comes to a fine point and it has a dip in the middle on both sides unlike the traditional doe foot applicator tips that we're so used to. I gotta say that the wand made the application process rather tedious as the curved tip did not carry much product. I had to finesse the lip color around to get an even application. You will see the demo in my review video of me trying to get the cupid's bow shape, just right. I felt that the lip ink dried too quickly causing the patchy appearance. The lip ink is pigmented yet it went on very patchy on my lips. The lip ink has the consistency of a traditional liquid lipstick leaning towards the drier finish spectrum.

Unless you have even upper and lower lip, you could probably get away with laying the wand flat against the lips and just swipe it across in even long strokes. I was really troubled with the color and application on my upper lip especially around the cupid's bow curve. Not cute! 

After about four hours of wear after lunch, the ink matte left behind an undesirable butt hole ring from the inside of the lips and a patchy appearance. While the lip color might last for sixteen hours, it did had that unsightly ring from the inside of the mouth. The bane of lipsticks. 

The ink matte liquid lipstick is waterproof and smudge proof as I had been sipping on water prior to filming the review video for my YouTube Channel. I perform a kiss and transfer test in the video to demonstrate these two claims.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend this? Probably not as there are already many high quality liquid lipsticks  available in the market and this is, I feel it isn't the best in my books. Having said that, I do like the quirky fun vibrant shades available in this ink matte range and the affordable price tag.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I shall catch you very soon, in my next post!

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