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How to wear a Power Red Lips, Four Ways

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Don't we all love a power red lip for that special day, event where we just need the lips to do the talking. Especially when we're under the weather or just not in the mood. In some other instances, I have noticed red lips to immediately uplift my spirits to a high that's like magic.

I feel like a whole new person with a red lip color, when needed to look serious. From the time I started taking note of colored cosmetics, a red lip is a color I've seen on many different women. I also enjoy seeing the different shades and undertones of red lipsticks and how they impact a complete look.

On my tenth epiosde from my Girlfriends' Guide Series, I share and show how you can incorporate a red lip in four different ways. There are the bitten, ombre, glossy and defined. The video is already up on my YouTube Channel, click the link below to watch it now!

Now, let's see how we can go about achieving the four different lip looks;

1. Bitten

To achieve this bitten or stained lip look, I have used the Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick in Underage Red. Instead of applying the lip color straight from the bullet, I warmed the lipstick onto the back of my hand.

Warming the color this way lessens dragging on the lips and allows movement to be introduced to the lipstick's formula. This will make applying the lipstick more smoothly, I then take my ring finger and load the color onto my finger's tip and start applying the color onto my entire lips.

With bitten lip looks, blending out the color is key and fingers are best for this. The color doesn't look too intense, leaving a slight tint like finish. The color is obvious with no straight lines and no definition, perfect for red lippie newbies.

2. Ombre

This ombre lip trend is not going away, anytime soon and I can totally see why. Another perfect trend for makeup newbies, it's fairly easy and little to no tools needed. What will be needed is a little foundation, using it to blur out the lip lines.

Quite similar to the bitten lip look, the edges are not defined and they have a blurry edge. Just to be sure, the lip lines are covered with just a dab of foundation. For the lip color I had used Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 006 Really Red Matte Like the bitten lip trend, try not to apply the lipstick straight from the bullet, as it may deposit a chunk of pigment onto the lips. Instead, run the lipstick onto the back of the head a few times. Again, use the ring finger to pick up the lip color and deposit only on the inner rim of the lips and blend the color outwards till the color fades.

3. Glossy

Glossy lips were so in the 70's, I'm not talking about the full on glossy lips that could catch your fly away hair strands. No no, this trending glossy lip look is about placing carefully placed gloss only on the centers of the lips.

This catches light when your head turns up and reflects light back, I can't have enough of blown out brown and black smokey eyes with a peachy nude or a pink-y nude on the lips that looks so beautiful!

For this lip look, I have used Rimmel London's The Only 1 Matte Lipstick in 810 The Matte Factor for an overall lip color with clear edges. This red lip has a tinge of a berry undertone that will look beautiful with clean eyebrows with a simple eyeliner and mascara.

The next step is to take a colored or clear lip gloss only onto the centers of the lips and pressing the lips together to blend out the gloss into the lip color.

4. Defined

With the defined lip look, it's easy to understand and execute. Firstly, identify a red lippie and lip liner that enhances and matches your complexion and undertone. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the lips before attempting this lip look.

Take the lip liner and fill out the lip edges clearly, you can take advantages of this process to correct and balance uneven lip lines and lightly bold out the lip lines inwards. Then, we can go in with the lipstick straight from the bullet works too.

For an even lip color, once the first application of lip color has dried down. You can blot out the lip color onto a piece of tissue and re-apply the bold lip color onto the lips. Just be sure, you have the lip color and lip liner with you, for re-touching and touch-ups on the go.

For this lip look, I had used MAC's Lip Liner in Beet and MAC Lipstick in Diva (A Warm Burgundy in a Matte finish)

That's all I have for today's blog post entry and hope this encourages you to try out this red lips, four ways! Don't forget to share it with me if you do with the hashtag #TheLeiaV so that I can view, like and stalk you on Instagram! Yes!

I shall catch you on my next post, very soon!

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