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A Successful Weight Loss Story with a Guest Interview on TheLeiaV Blog

Hey Loves!

Today is an exciting blog post featuring a weight loss success story! I had the wonderful opportunity to interview a fellow Singaporean Indian who has succeeded in adapting a healthier lifestyle with a few changes since early 2017.

The festive season is upon us and soon the year will come to an end. If you have been putting off exercising and clearing your diet, you may most likely opt for fitness as a new year resolution for the next year again. I am guilty of it too.

Fitness needs to be a mindset, we got to get around to being conscious around it as temptations are everywhere especially so in Singapore. Since transiting to a minimalist lifestyle, I am slowly making changes to my food intake but I do love me some cakes! 

A quick fix for this is to bake my own treats! It's relatively quick, you'll get a hang of it when you make more and more. Trust me on this! This way I am taking note of the ingredients and the amounts of table sugars that goes into my baked goodies. Since I now bake most of my tea time treats in small quantities, they don't need no preservatives at all!

What I'd like to stress is the significance of adapting a healthier lifestyle that would reap great benefits. Keep reading to find out more about this young woman's story and her fitness journey to a better healthier lifestyle!

Q: Hi Nitha, how're you today?
A: Hi Shanti, I am good thank you for asking. 
Q: Tell us more about yourself?

A: My name is Punitha from Singapore and am in my 30's. I handle billing administration for a medical


Q: How does your everyday routine look like?
A:My work hours have two shifts, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. At the end of morning shifts,  I would head home to handle the daily household chores, watch tv programmes, read books,
squeeze in time for jogs and workouts. On afternoon shifts there aren't much time left.

Q: How/When were you introduced to the idea of 'exercise' and/or'being fit?'

A: I decided to keep fit in Feb 2017, I got careful with my diet, went for jogs. Additionally, i enrolled for 
BootCamp Training every Sunday at Woodlands with a Personal Trainer. I used to be very slim during my
younger days but I have tremendously put on loads of weight fro2013.

Q: How long did it take for you to start feeling different? And when did you start seeing visible results?A: It took me 8 months to see a lot of changes in me, my clothes have become loose from wearing a Size Medium! I am now a Size Small and I totally look different now compared to my chubbier self  back in 
2013. This includes my jeans waist size formerly a 31 or 30 and now its a 28.5cm! From 59kg to 50.7 Kg now! 

Q: How did the results made you feel?
A: I was very happy when I saw so much of changes and differences in my weight loss, this has improved my confidence. I loved dressing up in my younger days, literally! Since putting on weight in 2013 I got 
reluctant with my appearance. There were times, even my loved ones used to mock too"You have became so chubby and you are so different now, looking more like an Auntie", of course upsetting me. Thats when I decided to work towards a healthier diet and lose weight. Thanks to my very good friend  who introduced me to his brother for the BootCamp Training and ever since I have lose weight from March 2017. 

Q: Do you set fitness goals for yourself?
A: I make it a point to go for jogs at least twice a week and attend BootCamp Trainings on Sundays, it’s an 1 hour killer training session and it aids burn fats faster compared to usual daily exercises.

Q: What drives your motivation towards fitness and keeping fit?

A: When I decided to come up with the “road to 50kg”

Q: Share with us, what would you say were challenges in your fitness journey? 

A: I cut down on my food intake. basically am a foodie and love chocolates. I  lessened my intake of snacks, chocolates and even sweet drinks. Usually I have a good breakfast that would be like (eggs,bread, Milo or milk) and for lunch it would be a light meal, but I do still eat rice of course but in a lesser portion including more meat and vegetables. I reduced having deep fried foods, junk food and the likes. Snacking is the worst and I have stopped, of course here and there I would pop something sweet into my mouth haha, if I am deprived of sugar! Haha! ☺

Q: In a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your fitness journey?

A: Initial beginning was tough for me as I have started to exercise after sometime but progressively it got manageable.
If I were to rate my fitness journey its a 7/10. ☺

Q: Deepavali is around the corner. As such, what type of exercises would you recommend for someone who wants to rock a saree look?

A:It would be good to go for jogs, doing squats, sit ups, carrying dumb bells or even dancing in your room with a loud kuthu song! ☺ 

Q: 2017 is quickly coming to an end very quickly and the festive feasting can leave us in a food coma till next year, how do you intend to keep on track?

A: I personally made a goal that to keep fit and I would want to follow it throughout out my life. And so, my jogs and training will not stop here , it will continue on. ☺
Q: What would your advice be for a person who would like to improve their fitness and start exercising with engine trouble?

A: My advice to any ladies out there  with weight issues is to start off with jogs and simplifying their diets. I am sure by cutting back and controlling our food intake, weight loss can be achieved. Food is a main cause for weight gain if we can understand and overcome this, than we can definitely work towards our health goals. Cheers!

There are a lot of takeaways from this interview with Ms Punitha! Special thanks once again for being sporting to share your story on TheLeiaV Blog!

I briefly spoke about Five Healthy Food Choices for Oily Skin Types a few entries ago while the food types are great at clarifying diets, they are a great kick start to shedding some inches off.

That's it for today's blog post, I shall catch you in my next one very soon!


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