Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Where to find traditional Kerala Indian Food in JB?

Hey Loves! Today's blog post is going to be about a restaurant review across the Causeway, in case you're craving for Southern Indian tiffin. Especially, if you're in need of a good mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. This simple old school styled Kerala restaurant lot is located at Johor Bahru JB JK1351

This place was suggested for breakfast by my husband, he insisted I try the restaurant's breakfast specialty; appam (that's what he says). It's a common breakfast dish in most of Southern India, it's almost like a pancake with a squidgy center and is often served with coconut milk and orange colored sugar here.

I agreed to try it out since it's a nice change from our kid's preferred breakfast at McDonald's, urggh! We set out to cross the Causeway during the recent September School Holidays. We had tickets for the 8am train ride to JB checkpoint, booked a grab car to the restaurant. A brief seven to ten minute ride, not much traffic on the road and the fare was no less than RM 5.

It was fairly easy to spot this restaurant from the main road as it was not crowded when we got there around half past eight. The staff were friendly, greeted us as we sat down to take our order. We placed an order for two egg appams, one thosai and drinks. A hot milo-c and a teh-c.

It had regular furnishings like the 80's Old School Indian restaurants do and it was refreshing to see most items on the menu served on banana leaves. Each table had the four compartment side-dishes caddy, another household item from the 80's. When I got down from our ride, I recalled a distant memory of my Grandma's town in Malacca.

Our orders arrived pretty quickly in the next ten to fifteen minutes, served on traditional banana leaves. The condiments and cutlery were passed to our table shortly after our order. I was surprised to see the size of my thosai, it was huge! Not at all, what I am used to in Singapore.

The set of two egg appams (non-vegetarian option) was served and our kid had so much fun attempting to break the soft boiled eggs' centers. I managed to complete just three quarters of my huge thosai, it was light, fairly thin and had a slight frothy sour taste at the end. It was good and filling. My husband ate his appams in delight while while I noticed more customers coming in for breakfast.

We took note of the nearby tables ordering another common breakfast in JB, roti canai. Though I did not finish my thosai and my husband still hungry, we decided that we'll taste test the roti canai and placed another order for a set of two roti canai. A bit for me to sample and the rest for him.

The rotis too were light and fluffy. They were not wet and soggy like the pratas we get here in Singapore. I liked this healthier version, enough said. By the time, we were done with our breakfast it was just half past nine, we then decided to spend the next half hour or so to slowly exit the restaurant to make our way back to City Square.

I hope this restaurant review will come in handy, the next time you're in JB and you're not sure where to eat if you're in for Indian food. Then definitely, give this place a try.

Hopefully, we can return here for lunch sometime for another feasting experience!

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post, I shall catch you in my next post soon!

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