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There is a cool fun tag that has been in circulation within the YouTube's Beauty Community, called the "Being an Indian YouTuber Tag"

The questions in the tag seemed way too much fun to skip or to wait someone to tag me, I decided to attempt right away. Let's get cracking as there are sixteen questions in total!!

The video with my answers are already up on my YouTube Channel,TheLeiaV! If you'd like to hear me speak, you can click on the link below to watch it now:)

This video originally appeared on YouTube

TAG Questions

1. Who Tagged you and Whom do you tag?
My Ans: No one specifically tagged me but the purpose of this tag, I feel is to bring a spirit of unity among Indian YouTubers. 

Who I am tagging are, Indian YouTubers who could spare time to film a video, attempting these fun questions.

2. What is your channel Name and what does it mean?
My Ans: My YouTube Channel is called, "TheLeiaV". It is meant to be an extension of my new role of being a Mummy and everything that comes along with it.

3. What Kind of videos do you make?
My Ans: I create content around Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, DIY and Motherhood.

4. What Motivated you to be a Youtuber?
My Ans: This idea came from a place of isolation and a feeling of detachment from the workforce. I felt the need to improve my body language and language proficiency to help prep me to re-enter the workforce. 

5. How long have you been doing youtube?
My Ans: Since April 2013

6. Do your family and friends know about your youtube life? What's their reaction?
My Ans: My immediate family and a few close friends know about my content creating interest. I don't talk about it, in their presence and they seem to be cool with it.

7. How difficult is it being an Indian YouTuber?
My Ans: I don't feel much of it. I do feel that I am being judged if it's someone watching me and my video for the first time.

Someone outside of Singapore might feel that I look, sound and dress different and there's nothing I can do about it.

8. Are there any earnings thru Youtube?
My Ans: Yes, there is. I will be touching more about this and more on my upcoming New Series that I'll be introducing on my Channel in 2017!

9. If you were given a choice between youtube and a job, what will you choose?
My Ans: Definitely YouTube, no questions asked!

10. Who are your Fav youtubers?
My Ans: I have a very long list of favorites, I started binge watching Dulce Candy, Lindy and Anna Saccone's pregnancy updates while expecting Punky. Since then, I have progressed to various different channels.

11. According to your experience what does it take to be youtuber?
My Ans: I feel content is key. By increasing the production output in our content will help make content better with every video.

Consistency, a regular uploading schedule will help new and loyal viewers know when to anticipate new updates on our Channels.

Continuity plays a equal part by, being our original true self in all of our videos. This helps to connect viewers on a personal level when we're being genuine.

12. What do you think works- Paid Content or Original?
My Ans: Paid content can be of original content too, it depends on the creators actually. It's a tough skill to sell a product/service without over selling it, that could end up looking like an over kill.

It's a 50/50 for me on this.

13. Which is your most Successful Video?
My Ans: In terms of views, it's either a review on a CC Cream from The Face Shop or a Get Ready with Me to SIIMA Awards

One of these two videos.

14. What Editing S/W and filming equipment do you use?
My Ans: I use my Panasonic DMC-GF7K camera with the lenses that comes with it. Before this, I use to film on my i-phone.

I am using a second-hand tripod stand to hold my camera

Another second-hand tripod holds my DIY ring light. The ring light is made from a metal sifter, a strip of led lights, few clamps and wiring. To diffuse the light, I have a laundry bag over it.

15. How do you deal with hate or mean comments?
My Ans: I truly enjoy creating content for YouTube, I also understand that the comments come from people who don't know me personally.

If it's the sort that really bugs me and the comments are just upfront nasty, I remove it. 

16.Advice to other Indian Youtubers?
My Ans: Content, Consistency and Continuity are key factors to consider, like I've touched on earlier. I am sharing what I have learnt from my journey on YouTube, it's not like I am expert.

  • Try making friends to stay connected and establish a sense of belonging. YouTube is a great place to build friendships, for idea exchanges, trouble shooting and in turn, could help with our self-esteem. There are truly no borders on this platform.
  • If you're intending to start a YouTube Channel, take ownership of your channel. Get ready to do the work if you'd like to reap the benefits. Try to resist befriending someone on YouTube with the intention of being assisted with your subscriber growth only because of their channel size/numbers.
  • Start planning to choose the type of content and draw out an uploading schedule. We don't need high end equipment for our videos, try working around with what we already have.

That was the last answer to this tag. I enjoyed filming this tag video, hope this served to be informational if you're looking at content creation on YouTube. That's it for this length-y post:)

I will see you very soon in my next blog post.


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