Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Our Indian Festival of Lights, I like to lovingly call it our Indian version of Christmas. It brings about a similar festive splendor of treats, feasts and festive vibes..

This means long hours of makeup wear, loads of festive selfies, non-stop feasting and more. In this week's blog post, I will be sharing my favorites must haves. 

First up, pore filling primers are of utmost importance. It helps to create a smooth canvas for our base, It fills in the problem areas and acts as a barrier of protection between our skin and the makeup going on top.

A long-wear foundation with extended coverage is a must-have. For the non-stop selfies, we need to look flawless.

An illuminating blush color brightens the cheeks with a subtle highlight as we smile. This has to be my favorite type, as I usually tend to stick with bronzers for blush.

This is a recent buy from H&M Beauty in Golden Peach. Beautiful finish; subtle if applied lightly, buildable opacity. 

With vibrant colored ethnic wear, it's the perfect time to experiment with bolder colors on the eyes and lips. I have been enjoying this cobalt blue eyeliner since last year, a favorite for over a year.

I have recently taken a liking towards glitter. As explained, glitter and bold colors can/could gel well with Indian ethnic wear. Don't forget to apply a good bonding adhesive before packing on the glitter otherwise, expect a huge mess!!

For quick touch ups, keep a handy pressed powder at reach. Check once more, before committing to a group selfie:)

For all the catching up, snacking and eating, liquid lipsticks are god-sent. With it's wide range of colors in the market, there's ought to be one for everyone.

My recent favorite is from H&M Beauty in Enchante (cool, lilac undertoned pink). It's formulation is surprisingly comfy on the lips, smudge-proof and wears well without looking dry and weird. I need to get more of these velvet lip creams!!

For Deepavali, I frequently wore Colorpop's Ultra Matte in Midi (a pink based nude) in the middle mixed in with the former shade on the rest of my lip line.

 For added glam, remember to highlight the heck out of your facial high points!!

Lastly, lock everything down with a facial setting spray to load everything in it's place. Yup, that's pretty much it!!

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Stay Gorgeous!! Happy Deepavali once more and do check back next week for a new blog post!!


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