Monday, 25 July 2016

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar - Restaurant Review

If you find yourself in Chinatown during lunch hours, or in search of casual dining with western food options.. Look no more, read further. 

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar is nicely tucked into Chinatown area, very accessible via MRT. Seated beside the Dorsett Residences, it's hard to overlook this place.

Once seated, on the menu we (me and my hubby) noticed this restaurant has quite the selection of wines and beverages. We had a short discussion and shortly placed an order for a Big Breakfast and Crab Cake Benedict.

I ordered the The Big Breakfast, I am a huge fan of breakfast eats anytime of the day. It was served with a sight of abundance, love at first sight for me.

The eggs were in a separate pot; rich, thick, fluffy and creamy much to my liking. The warm croissant was soft to the touch, coupled with waves of rich buttery taste.

The bacon strips were flavorful and crisp, yummers!! While the accompaniments like the salad and baby tomatoes were light and healthy.

The cubed sweet potatoes were not overly sweet and my lil woman liked munching on them. 

My husband had the Crab Cake Benedict, he loved every morsel of it. It was presented in a rather artistic form (atleast, in my opinion), almost too good to eat.

We enjoyed the different ambiance, especially my kid. It had a laid back casual feel to it and the service crew were friendly.

It was highly recommended to us to try out their waffles, so we decided to give the Mixed Berry Waffle a chance. The waffle was very different from the local places we've tried in Singapore. The taste was almost reminiscent of an overseas trip to Brisbane, very long ago. It intrigues me, how some tastes can trigger a specific memory.

It's the sort of waffles that would work well with meat too, the savory type. I enjoyed my dessert a lot.

The Vespa's strategic placement in the restaurant called for an #ootd picture, more on my Instagram!! Could not resist the temptation.

I hope you enjoyed this week's additional blog post, do check back for more coming your way. I will see you very soon in my next one!!


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