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The Face Shop CC Cushion Intense Cover Review

Hey Guys, I am back with another blog post! It has been slightly over a week since my last post and boy, did I miss writing!! Being a Mummy Blogger, it never gets easy.. Anyways, I tend to side track:(

This blog post is coming in late as my speedy review on The Face Shop CC Cushion Intense Cover Review video at my Happy place, aka YouTube Land has gone live over the weekend. Still, I feel that this post is necessary and hope this serves to be useful to one of you.

Cushion Covers seems to be all the rage now and as I type this post, more and more beauty brands are coming up with their take on the ultimate on the go, one stop beauty product. 

My favourite has been, I want to say since mid 2013 has been Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream. Yes, this product has been my go face base for nearly two years now. I thought I’ll switch things up in my makeup collection and daily beauty routine.

The Face Shop Intense CC Cushion Intense Cover has been popping up in my radar for the past 3 weeks or so. Naturally, me being curious I wanted to give it a try to see, if it could be a possible close second to my dare I say? My holy grail BB Cream.

Let’s have a look at the claims stated on the product’s packaging;
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Brighten
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Designed to be close to skin, natural coverage, camouflaging redness and discolorations for a picture-perfect complexion

 For brighter skin
  • Contains revitalizing Rose and Lavender Oil to relax tired skin
  • Helps complexion look healthy and bright

 Special Treatment
  • Includes hyaluronic acid for moisturizing, elasticity-enhancing and volume adding effects
  • Boosts skin moisture content for a supply bouncy texture

It has two notable ingredients, all thanks to Nikkie of Nikkie Tutorials – Glycerin!! This product has two types of glycerin in it, glycerin and polyglycerin-3 along with collagen, sweet almond oil, titanium dioxide (physical sunscreen)

This product is retailing at SGD 29.90 which is about the same range of prices for similar products available at Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy. The Face Shop outlets are conveniently located at Heartland Malls, a huge plus. 

I got mine from the Causeway Point’s outlet #01-32. At the store, there were two shades to choose but one shade was sold out. I decided to pick the only shade available in V103 Pure Beige, after swatching and convinced that it matched my neck well. It was recommended to be applied over my usual layer of spf underneath before this cc cream, though this product has a pretty high spf of 50+ PA+++

Feeling excited to try out, came home. Next day, I Set up my filming equipment for a first impressions video. I had prepped my skin with my daily moisturizer and spf, did my eyebrows and switched the camera on and started applying.

This was my first impressions observed;
  • The product resembled the two-way cake foundations, pressed powders and the likes of the usual face and base products.
  • It was stated to use the application sponge that came with the cc cream
  • The cushion cover had a safety sticky tape on it with a lid to prevent the product from drying up
  • The sponge applicator that came with the cc cream needs to be replaced frequently to prevent bacterial growth, dirt and grime coming into frequent contact with the cushion.
  • The applicator sponge picks up the product with a couple of pumps, directly onto the cushion.

I understand the functionality of the cushion, serving excellent for busy women on the go. This would work great when we’re squeezed for time in a jam packed train for early busy mornings.

However, the product went on blotchy on my prepped skin (I am of an oily skin type gal).
It has a very blossom-y scent to it, that did not bother me.

The shade V103 Pure Beige was a total mismatch on me! It felt very thick on the skin, almost like I am applying a heavy duty clay mask. My several attempts at blending the cc cream in with the application sponge failed as more product was dispensed onto the skin and no blending. The cc cream felt rather resistant.

The shade had pink undertones in it and brought on a very stark contrast, on my medium complexion with yellow undertones.

Moving on, i felt that the coverage was not build-able since I wasn’t able to blend the product into my skin. I noted that it did not correct or camouflage the redness around the nose nor did it help to conceal my post acne-scars and pigmentation.

I considered coming back to it after finishing off my eye-makeup, and realized that the product has not set after the 20min mark. I noted that the cc cream settled into the fine lines onto my neck region and clung onto the dry areas around my acne prone areas

I would probably recommend this cc cream to a very dry to dry skin type gal or to makeup beginners who do not have much skin concerns. As for the limited shade selection.. Ummm, not loving it. I had high hopes for this product as it’s said to be intense cover, not on me atleast.

My search for the next bomb face base still continues and I will keep you posted:)

As always accompanying this post, I have a review video already published on my channel at /TheLeiaV 

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I hope you have a great week ahead and I will see you soon in my next post.

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