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Spring Bunny Makeup Tutorial

Spring Bunny Makeup Tutorial

It is Spring once again, as with the onset of all seasons.. And here, it comes a new makeup tutorial inspired by the spring season. I thought of coming up with this quick and easy look, great for busy women and on the go. Since it is almost Spring, just around the corner.

Starting off with a fresh clean canvas, moisturize and apply eye cream meant for your specific skin concerns and needs.

I prefer layering a thin layer of face primer before my day makeup. The primer extends the wear of my makeup and protects my skin, acting as a barrier.

I prefer sticking to a thin layer of medium coverage foundation, this works for me in our hot and humid weather in Singapore.

I then conceal my under eye darkness and spot conceal wherever necessary. I go with less being more and touch up when it’s absolutely necessary. I set the base down with again a light layer of pressed powder.

I fill in my eyebrows, filling in the sparse or bald spots and keeping the natural shape.

I sometimes prefer to lay an eye shadow base down on my eyelids, for days even without eye shadows. It helps to cancel out the discoloration and evens out the eyelids.

Mascara is a product, I love!! I have a thin lashline, almost invisible. Hence, I prefer a voluminous offering mascara to give an illusion of a thicker and fuller lash line.

I stick to a peachy nude or a peach pink shade for the lips and blush.


Spring/Summer Makeup Trends in 2016


Pops of blue in different gradients were spotted in the runways for Spring/Summer 2016 Makeup Looks, how to make them work for us? Here's how; 

Add a baby blue to the inner corners of the eyes, a baby step to incorporate this beautiful shade.

If you’re feeling bold, skip the usual black for the upper lash line. Go with a deeper bright blue and wing it out. Feel the Ariel vibes, lol!

An easy tutorial is now live on my YouTube Beauty channel, link to the video is here below;

I will see you very soon in my next blog post.

Stay Beautiful!!


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