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Hi Guys, it’s me Shanthi!! Thank you very much for returning back to TheLeiaV!!

Today’s blog post is going to be about hair care, I am going to share with you six (6) tips that has worked for me. I hope my tips do work for you too. Before I continue rambling on any further, let's get cracking!!

1. Drink enough water

Drinking enough water for our body weight helps to flush out all of the nasty toxins within and maintains our bodily fluids. It helps our skin stay clear and supple and in turn, the scalp and hair looks healthy too. Drinking water is readily available for most of us, drink up. No excuses allowed:)

 2. Get enough sleep

Sleeping not only helps us to relax but rejuvenates the body prepping, us for another day ahead. Sleeping helps to reduce stress and promotes cell-growth as well as cell-repair. Hence, the daily recommended dose of sleep is good for us all year round.

If you’re constantly tired, suffer headaches, experiencing shorter attention spam, feeling anxious most of the time; you may just be in need of sleep. Go ahead, enjoy a nap.

3. Eat a Hair Healthy Diet

Just like the rest of our body, our hair needs special tlc from within. Try stocking up your intake of food, rich in protein, iron, B vitamins like B6, B12 and folate, beta carotene, zinc and calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Try out a variety of protein like chicken, dairy, fish products and nuts (make sure you’re not allergic to any of these, opt for a safe alternative if you are)

Incorporate iron rich food like spinach into your daily meals. Did you know that lean red meat cuts are a good source of zinc? Well, I am here to remind you again

A daily multi-vitamin recommended for your lifestyle could help in conditioning your hair to good health and shine. A regular intake of vitamin C aids the absorption of nutrients like iron and helps produce collagen for a healthy scalp.
4. Scalp Exfoliation

I would suggest a gentle exfoliation once a week, depending on your individual scalp type. Pay close attention particularly if there is a tendency to use styling and heat product often on the hair. Exfoliating the scalp helps to unblock clogged hair follicles.

Now with all that hard work to revive the hair and scalp, avoid touching it!! Our hands and fingers come in contact with many surfaces throughout the day and I feel that we don’t wash our hands enough. With that being said, let’s try together not to transfer anymore bacteria, dust and dirt on to our heads.

As it is, our scalp and hair is exposed to the daily grind of harsh rays from the sun, pollution, dirt, sweat, bacteria, humidity, heat and hair styling products and tools.
5. Shampoo

A no-brainer but I am guilty not shampooing frequently enough:(

Depending on the climate, temperature and season you live in, regular shampooing of the scalp helps to prevent sebum build-up and dandruff. It helps to slough off the accumulated dirt, residue, and product build-up on the scalp and hair.

Instead of reaching for a can of dry shampoo, suds up if your hair feels matte or if the scalp feels greasy to the touch.

6. De-Stress

Nothing, I repeat. Nothing can be more damaging to our overall health than stress. No good comes from being unhappy, cranky, anxious and worrying. These factors like how they affect our bodies from the inside, they do the same for our hair, roots and hair follicles.

What is the best way to deal with it? Perhaps, understanding and accepting what is within our control and what isn’t/aren’t. It is a long way to get to that sort of enlightenment but everything makes sense from there-on. A delicate balance, I definitely feel you.

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Lots of Love!!
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