Friday, 9 March 2018

What DO Women Really Want?

More than ever, it is now time to #pressforprogress Gender equality is real and equal pay is still very much unheard of. If you're a woman, you have probably have been exposed to the myriad of problems that we already face everywhere. Let alone the office environment.

I asked a couple of women what they want? I asked two others the following;

  1. What's your advice for younger women who look up to you as their role models?
  2. What can we as women do to help women, in general?
  3. What changes would you like to see for women in the workforce?
To see their answers, click the video to watch and learn more about it;

Please continue to challenge women limiting beliefs when you spot or hear one, challenge the stereo types and shut their backward thinking down. It is now even more important to speak up, don't compress when we progress for our rights as women.

Gone were the days that we had to be quiet, long gone are the days when we had a tab on our personal interests due to a certain phase in life. Be it marriage, having kids or even going to school. However old we are, we women must never allow someone else to dictate our wants and needs.

Someone else will not be able to appease our hunger, someone else can't rest if we are exhausted. Someone else speaking on our behalf, someone else deciding on what's good for us. At some point, we have been placed in a such uncomfortable settings and we take it with a pinch of salt or perhaps felt that it may have been for our best interest. Please leave the decision making process to us, replace our responsibility back to us.

We have words that we want to speak, we have feelings that we want to express and there are unlimited amounts of experience that we want to try and feel. Don't encapsulate us because of our gender.

The feminine spirit represents energy and how are we to rise to our fullest potential in small confined spaces formed by very own families, beliefs, cultures and backward traditions. Pave new ways for us to discover how we can live our lives better. This isn't too much to ask, this is not too much expected and we women know this better. The only way to go about achieving this is to continue to #pressforprogresss

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post for International Women's Day Special.

I shall see you very soon, in my next post!


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