Tuesday, 30 January 2018

How to Achieve the Golden Glow

Hey Loves!

Today's blog post is all about achieving the 'Golden Glow' If you have been wanting to glow out of this planet or subtly glow to the gods then today's makeup look may be just right for you. Keep reading to know more how you achieve this divine glow with just two products.

This glow is relatively easy to achieve, do your base just like how you would do it daily. Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, eyebrow, and eyelid primer. Now comes the fun part, search through your makeup collection to find any gold pigment that has a deep yellow undertone (yellow gold). You're just going to be using just this shade alone for this look.

Take a little of the gold pigment on your ring finger and gently press it on the middle of your eye lid and lightly taper the sides to blend the pigment out.

Use the same pigment to deposit it onto your inner corner for a highlight.

On a small precise brush, take the pigment to place it onto your lower waterline.

Pick up a little more pigment and sweep onto your cheekbones.

Do the same and place the color on the bridge of your nose.

Deposit the pigment on to your cupid's bow.

Ensure that you blend the pigment out to risk looking like you have stationery highlight on your face. Gently blend out with the brush for a well diffused look.

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