Friday, 6 October 2017

Lush Christmas and Halloween Launch for 2017!

Hey Loves!

LUSH Cosmetics is an important stop for me and my five year old whenever a vacation is nearing. We love getting ourselves colorful bath bombs and bubble bars, just so we can have massive fun in the bath tub during bath times! I am matured like that, don't judge me please!

My kiddie loves basking in the ambiance at Lush Stores, taking in all of the amazing scents. She usually leaves the store with a big happy smile on her cute lil face! One of her favorite bath bomb is Interglactic!

I had the pleasure of checking out this year's newest arrivals for Halloween and Christmas! It took a while to take it all in! Might I add, I had a whole lot of fun experimenting with the bath bombs! You would've see a little of the fun at the Lush Christmas Unveiling on my Insta stories over on Instagram!

Here are some pictures from the event! All products featured here will be made available at all LUSH outlets from today, 6th Oct '17!

My Two Front Teeth - Bubble Bar priced at SGD 15.00 

As part of Lush Cosmetics's efforts to zero-in on waste, they have knot wraps to secure your purchased goodies in a myriad of beautiful patterns instead of paper and plastic packaging. 

 Snow Fairy - Body Conditioner priced at SGD 40.00 (225gms)
Santa Baby - Lip Tint priced at SGD 23.00 

 Santa Baby - Lip Scrub priced at SGD 26.00

By far the best lip scrub, I've tried so far! It's light and leaves the lips supple and moist, a huge must-have if you are a liquid lipstick or just a lippie addict like me!

Christmas Rocker - Soap priced at SGD 14.00 

 Man in the Moon - Bubble Bar priced at SGD 20.00

Also available as Naked Shower Cream, priced at SGD 29.00 (240gms)

I love Lush's efforts for this year's theme of going packaging-free that makes a huge difference to our environment! The next time you're shopping at LUSH, perhaps opt for a Knot Wrap instead?

What are some of your Lush favorites? I'd like to know, drop a comment under this post!

That's it for today's post and I shall see you in my next one soon!

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