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Five Healthy Food Choices for Oily Skin Types

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The year end festivities are fast approaching, soon we'll be bidding 2017 Goodbye! All of the unhealthy food options during the second half of the year, could leave our skins feeling sluggish, pores clogged and dull looking. Basically, not in it's best shape! I am of an oily skin type and my biggest skin woe is the recurring acne during that time of the month and the dreaded disco ball shine:(

I have read up a lot of the different types of food that could benefit oily skin types and their effects on the skin. I had also experimented incorporating the discussed five foods into my diet, just to assess if it does make a difference. I am happy to report that these foods do when I have them over a period of three consecutive weeks. It's usually by day seventeen, I see a significant difference.

If you'd like to know what they are, then keep reading. I have a video up on my Channel, click here to watch it now!


This superfood is considered to be a complete protein with nine amino acids with a higher fiber content, keeping us full for longer. The super grain is packed with iron responsible for keeping our red bloods cells healthy while regulating our body temperature, aiding enzyme activity. It also has lysine, necessary for tissue growth and repair.

I love it's nutty flavor and the texture is quite close to regular rice granules. It tastes great with Indian cuisines, pairs well with chicken curry, kulambu, sambar and rasam.

I usually cook a cup of washed quinoa in two cups of boiling water with a pinch of salt. It's cooked under five to seven minutes over low heat. One cup of quinoa yields about close to 250gms and can be kept refrigerated for the next two to three days. It can be eaten at room temperature or re-heated if you'd like. 


Is a naturally nutrient dense food and if the fruit is super tasty, it can be substituted for unsalted butter for baking too! It lends this tiniest bit of unusual taste somewhat close to a peanut butter if it's smashed well.

It's easy to savor this fruit, no cooking is necessary. Just got to ensure that it's ripe before attempting to cut the fruit open and de-seeding it. Did you know that avocado also goes by the name butter fruit or alligator pear?

This yummy fruit is packed filled with vitamins like C, E, K and B6, niacin, folate, magnessium, panthotenic acid, potassium. They provide lutein, beta-carotene and are rich in omega three-fatty acids.

By consuming this fruit, it helps to slow down the break down of carbohydrates, keeps us full over a longer period of time and helps to stabilize our sugar levels in our blood stream better when we eat it regularly.

Safflower Oil

This oil has 74.62% of linoleic acid content in it beneficial not only for women but for most oily skin types as they usually have lesser of this that results with acne and more surface oil.

What's cool about this oil is that, you can apply this topically. Yes, you heard me right! Only if you're of an oily skin type with acne troubles. You'll need just a tiny bit and if you have experimented with facial oils before you would notice that this oil on an oily skin does not leave an oily film or residue behind in fact it's quickly absorbed into the skin.

I take just a tiny drop of this oil and warm it between my fingers and pat it into my skin before my eye cream, moisturizer and so on.

Another cool fact about this safflower oil is that researchers claim that food cooked with this oil can help to reduce abdominal fat. It's good for weight loss and of course, the key word to be reminded of consistently is moderation. Consumption of deep fried foods needs to be kept at a minimum for a healthier lifestyle choice.


This fruit contains 93% water and is loaded with vitamins and are rich in oxidants that can help delay the aging process. It hydrates and cools our internal system during the harsh summers and helps to keep our skin radiant.

Watermelon is high in lycopene, vitamin C & A, also helps to reduce the size of enlarged pores.reduces oil secretion from the sebaceous glands. Dehydration and dry out the skin and make the face appear dull but by including this juicy red fruit in our food intake it can helps our skin with moisture replenishment and give off a fresh radiance.


Just like watermelon, cucumber too has high water content. This fruit is also inexpensive and extensively available at various supermarkets to us, the natural astringent properties from the fruit helps to reduce and tighten the pores . It helps to reduce excess sebum, dirt and dead skin cells away from the surface.

Again because of it's mostly 90% water content, this fruit too can help to reduce the internal heat in our system during the hotter months of the year. Cucumber also has vitamin C that helps to balance the oil secretion and PH levels while controlling sebum production.


Not much to say here, if you can catch the overall drift of this video is that we ensure our diets are filled with good amounts of water intake, high fibre content and loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Wholegrains do quite the same thing as well. They ensure our digestive system are working at their optimum by ensuring that there is enough bulk to move things around and greatly aids in detoxifying the system from within.

Examples of wholegrains include oatmeal, pasta, brown bread and chappathi. They take about almost the same time as the rest of the food types if not lesser cooking time. My favorites are oatmeal or wholemeal breads for breakfast and chappathi for dinner.

I hope you enjoyed today's post of Five Healthy Food Choices as suggestions as the party season is almost upon us, it is essential that we start prepping from the inside that we'll have lesser to do on the outside. How is that?

I will catch you very soon in my next post, soon!

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