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Finding Your Personal Style | TheLeiaV

What's up Loves? Today's blog post is the sixth episode of TheLeiaV's Girlfriends' Guide Series. This month is about finding your personal style, might I add that this is a tricky business by itself? I have tried a few methods that helped to shape my current style and dressing and I hope these tips will help you too.

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Seek Inspiration with Mood Boards

 These amazing mood boards allow us to assess what we like and gives us a rough idea of what to get, where to get such inspiring clothing articles. It also allows you to see how much of these clothing pieces might actually give you good amount of wear.

It collectively provides so much of visual cue that it's hard to go wrong, I love mood boards. You should try making one too! 

Clean up and Clear Out

An advantage of putting up a mood board is a great way to remove clutter from your wardrobe. This will help to ensure your wardrobe is only filled up with clothing pieces and articles that you'll wear.

Cross out the old myth that a tightly squeezed wardrobe could give you endless options, that's not true. Less is more and of course, consider quality over quantity.

Shop Smart

One quick way of hoarding outfits is by shopping mindlessly at sales. Keep an eye on what you'd like to get and it's brand, this way it's easy to pick up when it eventually goes on sale. Plus you should have tried it many times enough to know, that you'll use it very often.

Take your Lifestyle and Goals into Consideration

This is great as there will be choices when you need to be somewhere that may require a more polished and professional image. Always consider where you'll be at when you're buying for clothes as it can may help your decision making process.

You wouldn't want to turn up at work in your PJ's neither would you choose a sheer top that's too close to wearing nothing. The environment does play apart, with practice you'll get your personal style right.

Confidence over Size

Nobody and I repeat no one would be wanting to peer into the back of your top or bottom to see your size. Do not bother at all about the size but the fit and comfort when you're in it. There is no cookie cutter size and all of us are made different and unique in our own way. Some of us have longer torso than the others, some have longer legs and the body proportions may differ. You are perfect as you are!

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