Tuesday, 16 May 2017

YouTuber Mommy Tag | TheLeiaV

It's the Mothers' Day Weekend and I was tagged to attempt this cool tag consisting of ten questions. It's an amazing journey stepping into Motherhood, an emotional heck of a roller coaster too. You have got to experience it, sometime. Lol!!

YouTubers being Indian Mothers, how do we do it? It was a lot of fun recollecting memories:)

While the weekend was busy being filled with hand made bouquets, buffet brunch, luncheons and over crowded high tea hot spots. Me and my kiddy pretty much had the entire Sunday to ourselves, yes!! It was nice and cozy without the hustling and crowds. I even baked half a dozen of jumbo cupcakes because I didn't have enough cupcake casings for a whole dozen. Such is simplicity..

Click the link below to watch the full video;

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That's it for this week, I shall see you very soon!


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