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Hi, I'm Shanthi, a YouTuber and Blogger based in Singapore. I have a cool series called "The Girlfriends' Guide" series up on my YouTube Channel, TheLeiaV for year 2017. We have four episodes up already and we love hearing your positive feedback.

This series consists of twelve episodes, one for each month with a complementing blog post with free to download goodies, just for you!! It is primarily geared towards answering the topics of discussions often received in our inbox!

Today, we're touching base on a topic, another highly requested one so let's get cracking!! Many of us are curious about the secret formula to the "one step success" that we often hear about so often. Let me break it down for you and I promise only one or maybe two secrets to success. That is hard work and consistency.

Being a YouTuber for four years and a Blogger for over a year now, I've discovered hard work and being consistent go hand in hand.

Many have expressed their interests to be either a top YouTuber, Instagrammer, or a Celebrity with millions of followers. Who are your top picks, if I ask you to name three Famous People? I will name...

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Are these people famous or Successful? In my honest opinion, they are famous only because they are successful at what they love doing and giving their best. Were they an instant success? It is a clear NO.

These amazing women have worked crazy hard to be where they're at, probably took well over ten years till their break, at least ten years. Wow, that's a long long time. Something to think about, eh?

The point is that being famous and being successful can mean different to different people. If you feel that you're really cut out for being famous or successful then slow and steady coupled with hard work will be the path ahead of you. It's not about the length of time, you keep at it. It's about so much more and your willingness towards keeping at it. Okay, that's deep even for me.

Identify your Interest

For instance; if you think, you can out cook Gordon Ramsay. You probably should already be on the look out for cooking challenges, competitions and masterclass workshops locally and/or abroad.

Depending on your skill, you could consider a catering business out of your cooking interest and volunteer when you can at kitchens needing assistance.

Research on the trending and newer equipment in your industry, the benefits and purpose of it and refine your skills further. Perhaps, review a product maybe?

Experiment and cook up feasts for your family and friends.

Create innovative menus for specialty diets that caters to vegetarians, vegan, calorie restricted diets for fitness and medical requirements.

Keep up to date with your favorite celebrity chefs, stay up to date on their latest book release, cooking shows and interviews.

Remain hungry to learn more, do not stop! Devote yourself entirely to developing and refining your skills.

Staying connected

Look out for like minded communities and mentors possibly, who can help to keep you motivated and meet new people. Meeting new people always serves an opportunity to learning something new!

To be more specific, try to look out for how these people are attempting to fit in what they love doing.

If you're just starting out online, don't be in a rush to see your social media following pick-up. A small organic following is a great start as it fits a specific and concentrated audience.

What you have to be doing is to stay consistent; if you're creating content online ensure that you have timely content for viewers to come back to. Set aside a planner for this and start planning.

Not be a Copycat

The last tip is to not be a copycat. Repeat after me, "I will not be a copycat as I have no need to". You don't have to be a YouTuber if you don't want to, figure out what you like doing best and often get tons of compliments for it. Catch my drift here. Start identifying it and take it up a notch only if you feel like it.

If you're still unsure about where to get started, I got you covered!! Click here to get your Finding Your Purpose Worksheet:)

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