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How to be Your Own Cheerleader | Girlfriends' Guide Series | TheLeiaV

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Today's blog is going to be my third installment of the year long Girlfriends' Guide Series for 2017, I've introduced on my Blog and YouTube Channel, TheLeiaV.

I've covered a little about today's topic in my recent upload, click here to watch it;

Being your own cheerleader can get easy by just posing logical questions back at the inner voice that keeps questioning our every move.

I am referring to the inner mean girl inside of us that very often disapproves, discourages and resists us from taking that jump, the change. Pretty sure, you're aware of this feeling.

While we seek approval from the outside, from someone else, we tend to lean a little closer to this inner critic and grasp harder about what it's saying. How do we stop doing this?

By learning to love ourselves for who we truly are. It does require a lot of practice, not gonna lie about that but it gets better with each day.

Try to pen down the vague insecurities which are mostly "What ifs?". Clearly state the pros and cons, ask questions such as, how this new challenge could help to improve ourselves. The new things, we could learn from this different situation. This helps to sharpen our focuses in case, we're doubtful of moving forward.

If you're still feeling stuck for some reason, try asking yourself what will be the one thing you could do to move on from here. Asking these questions helps to clear the cloud of doubt and puts us back on track with a sharper outlook of our desired outcome.

Don't let the inner voice get to you, ask logical questions back to it by citing the past challenges that you made through successfully with the methods and techniques used. Give the voice enough reason to keep mum.

Remember that it is human to err, this is how we understand, mature and grow. The inner critic is trying to safeguard herself and preventing us from repeating similar decisions.

A free to download worksheet is available for you, click here to get your copy now!

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