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This post is slightly overdue, I am sorry but here's wishing all a Happy International Womens' Day!! I have posted a video on my YouTube Channel to show my support for this year's theme and I hope you like it! Click here to watch the short video!!

Meanwhile, in today's blog post I am bringing you my second episode of my Girlfriends' Guide Series - How to Start Saving Money!!

It's never too late to start saving, the earlier we start the better it will be for our future and our pockets. So are you ready, well let's dive right in!!

Shop Right

The first crucial step is to identify if you're an impulse buyer, one sure way is to have a look around your place and spot things/stuff you're not using, forgotten, misplaced, left untouched or simply put hoarding.

If you've noticed a few things around you that you will not be needing in the next four to six months, chances are those purchases could have been avoided. Take action from now before your next shopping trip, do a quick prep in advance in less than two minutes, what you're looking for and the estimated price range, how often you'll be using the product and the duration of usage and stick to it.

Don't get caught when you're supposed to get one sack of basmati rice of five kilos and return home with party supply for twenty people. Yes? Yikes!! Listing what we need helps us stay focused and keeps us from unnecessary distractions. Sure a nutty trail mix can often throw party ideas at our directions. Practice a little discipline, next time you shop.

Make the best of your wardrobe

Get your wardrobe to work for you, how you ask? Well, build a capsule wardrobe with the basic essentials and have fun with it. Often a capsule wardrobe can come across boring because of it's so called "limited pieces" that's where you can put your creativity spin on it.

There's a myriad number of ways to dress up and down your clothing articles for whatever the occasion maybe.

Often just sticking to a tried and tested color palette and personal style will be your best friend. I like my Mummy, Casual Laid Back style of clothes because it fits my lifestyle for now and I feel super comfortable moving around in it. Most importantly, the ease of styling these tops and bottoms have gotten so easy, I can do it with my eyes closed (although, I have not tried it yet)

If you'd like to shop less and maximize your wardrobe to it's fullest potential, check out pinterest for fashion inspiration and browse through their wide variety of pictures. Chances are, you may already own a few clothing articles and have new ideas to style them differently.

Sale Worthy

Sale seasons in general are a great time to browse through deals that you may have otherwise passed on before. A great way to ensure that you save a lil $$$ is to look out for items you may be needing to replace or replenish in your home (I am talking big ticket items like a refrigerator, television or a new couch for the living room)

It's the time for me to look out for if I need to replace my pots and pans and bed spreads that needs to be bid "Good bye" very soon.

For online shopping, depending where you shop from. Look out for cash back options as it's another nifty way to save a little money. Be sure to stock up only on the things that you'll be needing for the next few months. If you can't find a use for it, you probably may not need it too.

Using the same principle, look out for travel fairs when flights and accommodations are on promotions. Research in advance your holiday destination of choice to find out more about, just to gauge the flight, accommodation, sight-seeing, food and shopping costs to be better prepared. This gives a lot of time to budget before the vacation and free yourself from worry.

Budget the Right Way

To ensure that you see a little of your hard earned income, split it three ways when you receive it. The first third will serve to be a reserve for all forms of bills and payment. The first third needs to be left untouched to serve it's purpose.

The second third will be your savings, keep it however you want to. Be it in a piggy bank or a savings account in a bank. This too needs to be untouched, the longer the better.

The last third will be used to sustain your lifestyle choices whatever they maybe. You could even intend to save a bit more from this lot or spend it.

Knowing that the first and second thirds are safe and tucked away to serve their purpose, now you have your disposable income for yourself. I do get the money matters can get boring but hey, someone's got to cover it.

Try this out for at least a month and see how much you could potentially save and perhaps form a healthy habit of saving.

Interest Groups

Look up the internet to search for an interest group near your locality. This serves as a great way to meet new people, exchange information and make new friends. It's the most easiest way to stay actively connected to a hobby that interests you and make new friends who love what you love too!!

As a bonus freebieI have included a monthly budget checklist/worksheet to help you get started whether you're saving for a higher education idea or a holiday dream destination in mind. Click here to receive your free copy now!

I hope this second episode of the Girlfriends' Guide Series is useful to you and that is all for this week's blog post.

Links to my last two blog posts are here, for your easy reading!!

I shall see you very soon in my next one, Bye!!!

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