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How to Create Winged Liner on Hooded Eyes (Beginner Friendly)

My first blog post is going to be all about winged liners, yes! I love them because they dress up your lash line while looking feminine lending a very edgy statement to the eyes. However, winged liners can be and look different on different eye shapes and that is why I want to share with you how I wing out my eyeliner on my hooded eyelids.

One of the easiest ways to get creative and be inspired is to spot popular and trending people’s makeup looks. In this case, eyeliner looks to be more specific. Try to look for or search up popular eye looks on different types of eye-shapes, see which pair of eyes are the closest resemblances to yours, then save them on your desktop or mobile phone. 

Find a day that’s free on your schedule, start practicing some looks on your eyes. Since it’s a day or a few hours to practice, be bold. It’s just makeup, nothing a makeup remover can’t fix. 

One tip I like to share is, trying a bold look at the end of the day when its’ time to remove makeup. I get a feel of the look on myself, allows me to practice and refine the technique and try out again when I don’t get spare time to experiment

Ok, I did mention that I have hooded eyelids but there are more eye shapes than that. These are some more of them;

Wide set eyes

Close set eyes

Downturned eyes

Upturned eyes

Protruding eyes

Hooded eyes

Mono lid eyes

Deep set eyes

Now that we’re briefed on different eye shapes, let’s get back to winging out liner on hooded eyes. A small disclaimer, these tips and tricks are what works best for me with practice, I hope this shared info will be of some help to one of you beginners.

To start off, I line the top of my lashes with a medium line and end the line at the outermost corner of my eyes. Recently, I have been sporting a thinner line on my inner corner while gradually thicken the line from the middle to the outer lash line. This liner works for an everyday wear, minimal look.

The frustration on my hooded eyelids is that with winged liner, it can look almost non-existent when my eyes are fully wide open or when I’m looking straight ahead. However, the liner stays visible when the mobile lid moves.

To create the wing, I make an upward stroke where the liner ends at an angle where I am most comfortable with. I map out the thickness of the wings on both the eyes while ensuring to look down and straight ahead. I then connect the wing back to the drawn line only to the outer third of my lash line. By tilting the chin up and keeping the eyes down at a comfortable angle, I find thickening the wing easier. If you have shaky hands, try resting your hand on a surface and keep practising.



Because hooded eyes have an appearance of small lids, I tend to keep just the outer line and the wings slightly thicker. At any point, if I am running out of time and have no patience to continue perfecting the attempted wing, I soak a q-tip with eye makeup remover to quickly swipe of the wing. This way I only have minimal touch up to do around the eyes and can run out the door. Hope is within reach.

In case, you're a more of a visual person. Feel free to check out my tutorial on the YouTube platform, as I talk through and show you how I do my winged liner.

The sticky tape trick isn’t necessarily helpful with my hooded eyes, I find getting the tape at a similar angle on both the eyes a little challenging. May I add the tape leaves a gap where the extra layer folds over the crease and get potentially messy with runny liquid liners! Gosh, what a mess! 

The tape trick works best for eye looks that are more on the diffused; hazy smoked out look where less precision is required. 

I hope this first blog post was of use to someone beginning with winged liners on hooded eyes so that you can SLAY your first attempt, lol!!

I will see you very soon, till next time!

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